Daddy’s Home 2 is a throwaway Christmas film that was good while it lasted

On three separate occasions in 2017, starkly similar films have been released within weeks of each other. In February, Gold and The Founder competed with starkly similar greedy and vile lead characters. Girls Trip and Rough Night made for Summer releases following ladies-only holidays, and now we have Daddy’s Home 2 and A Bad Mom’s Christmas.

After the events of the first film, Daddy’s Home 2 follows on with two Dads dealing with a broken family in perfect harmony. However, when Brad and Dusty’s (Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg) Fathers announce their imminent arrival for Christmas, the whole family’s plans go out of the window.


Despite both films being based around unwanted parents arriving for Christmas, Daddy’s Home 2 grabs the upper hand purely because it’s actually funny. Even though there are many many jokes that don’t hit the mark, it manages to capture the Christmas spirit in a far more approachable way, with some successful humour.

John Lithgow and Mel Gibson surprise with star performances as Grandads, and Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg show why they are continuously cast in this style of film. The four work wonderfully together, in a startlingly progressive script.

It’s far more of a festive film than a funny film, and it is a genuinely enjoyable watch even if it does promote cheesy Christmas cheer. Daddy’s Home 2 is a throwaway Christmas film that was good while it lasted. It’s better than its competition, but it won’t wow anyone past an over-enthusiastic child set on laughing far too hard at just about anything.



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