Only The Brave is an emotionally charged piece with so much to say and remember

Only The Brave takes a heart affirming story and lights it up with cinematic beauty and hard, American acting. It is a grueling and emotional picture that tells a story of true strength and bravery in the most personal of ways.

Brendan (Miles Teller) is a wreck, as he is kicked out by his mother with a baby on the way, and a girlfriend that doesn’t want anything to do with him. Desperate to turn his life around, he looks for a job with The Granite Mountain Hot Shots, an elite group of firefighters looking to become certified as an official team. Under the supervision of Eric Marsh (Josh Brolin) Brendan must work harder than he ever has before, to gain any sort of acceptance.

The story is driven by the love and care evident throughout Only The Brave and comes as a fitting tribute to the firefighters and the bravery they put into their jobs every single day. Their care for the towns they protected is as strong as the care that has been put into making the film both a quality production and an accurate one.


Josh Brolin and Miles Teller are simply brilliant as their sharply different home lives, come together as one when they work in tandem. The slow building of characters and story, with the intricate knowledge of forest firefighting, explained clearly, gives Only The Brave a very clear path, and one that highlights each member of the team’s personality.

Often fuelled by beautifully passionate moments and fires raging across the county, Only The Brave is an emotionally charged piece with so much to say and remember. It’s as interesting as it is informative, but more than anything it’s heartbreaking.


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