Brigsby Bear has a wonderful independent feel to it, as it comes across free-flowing and vividly individual

There is something truly special about a film that manages to incorporate it’s unique story, with an inexperienced cast, and remain wholly original and genuinely funny.

Brigsby Bear does all of these things as it tells the story of James Pope (Kyle Mooney) a man held captive by his parents, believing he is stuck in a post-apocalyptic world. With only Brigsby Bear Adventures, a weekly television show helping him keep his faith in the future, yet James must soon learn to understand the outside world when his parent’s true intentions come clear, and he is released into the open.

There is so much heart pulsating through the film’s dialogue as it tries to understand how strange and difficult the situation would be for James, but at the same time, there is clearly an understanding of how funny the same situation would be. Because it’s such a unique circumstance, director Dave McCary knows that he can take the film much further, giving Brigsby Bear it’s passionately vibrant style.


The whole film feels like a celebration of one thing after the other, filled with pure joy the scenes roll into one as Mooney portrays a wonderfully naive James and brilliant support comes from the likes of Jorge Lendeborg Jr and especially Mark Hamill as he uses his incredible voice acting prowess to again show just how brilliant he is.

Brigsby Bear has a wonderful independent feel to it, as it comes across free-flowing and vividly individual. It’s brilliantly unique story leads the way as it shows how even a confused and seemingly unimportant character can lead the way through brilliant characterisation. It’s massively enjoyable and hugely original.


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