Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

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Star Wars fanboys are literally the worst

Star Wars fanboys are literally the worst. Episode VII: The Force Awakens was received well by most, but the fanboys felt it lacked realism and maintained a plot too close to that of Episode IV: A New Hope. So when Episode VIII: The Last Jedi released worldwide, it was almost inevitable that great big holes would be picked from the films genetic makeup and swirled around like a piece of dirty laundry. The scale of the backlash has never been seen before, with thousands of complaints suggesting the film is the worst of them all and should be removed from canon.

“It is too different,” they said.

“It is too unlike Star Wars,” they said.

This shouldn’t be interpreted as backing up the film because it doesn’t need that, nor does it need a devil’s advocate, but what The Last Jedi needs is some reasoning. It is a change from the past and it does offer a fresh style to a Star Wars film, but what it is certainly not, is bad. It is neither a bad film nor a bad version of Star Wars. It has elements that it approached in entirely the wrong manner, but they do not stop the enjoyment of visually, the best Star Wars to date.


Persisting to set the standard at Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is simply placing the bar too high. That installment is the reason many fans live for the franchise and to expect something of exactly the same quality every time they release another film will only end in disappointment.

Yet what The Last Jedi does so well is to take a limited storyline and fill it with the weird and wonderful that Star Wars is so famous for. Yes, the casino scene is awful, but does it stoop anywhere near the lows of the ‘field of flowers’ scene from Episode II: Attack Of The Clones? Of course it doesn’t. There are visually breathtaking moments in The Last Jedi that can compete with any scene from any film ever.


The characterisation of Kylo Ren and Poe Cameron is incredible as the characters advance beyond their years with their storylines competing for the limelight. The Last Jedi is almost certainly the best acted Star Wars to date.

It gets a lot right, and a lot wrong, but what it does most importantly is tell its story in a unique and powerful way. It has some of the most breathtaking scenes and the most awesome of fights as it shows off a new style of Star Wars film. Every film has its flaws, but The Last Jedi has enough quality to allow for at least some of those to be bypassed and forgiven.


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