No amount of acapella has saved it from its own aca-doom

The decision to cut every male character to have previously featured in the Pitch Perfect franchise was an odd one. To then fill the film with sexist and misogynistic language, from the very women who are meant to act as empowering role models, is an even stranger one. Pitch Perfect 3 is a bizarre beast, and no amount of acapella has saved it from its own aca-doom.

Fresh from quitting her job as a music producer, Beca Mitchell (Anna Hendrick) is lost with what to do with her time. So when the Barden Bellas come calling her name for one last show, she jumps at the chance as they enter a competition to become the opening act for DJ Khaled on his upcoming tour.

Even from the opening moments, it’s clear that the third installment is going to be the worst. Previously the Pitch Perfect franchise did have at least some form of consistent quality, but installment three throws that right out the window. It often feels rushed and ill-judged. Not necessarily offensive but at least trivial and dated.


The music continues to a high standard and this always has been the franchise’s strongest point. The vocals, though majorly autotuned, do bring about at least some form of rhythm and fun. The world’s acapella obsession has been and passed and Pitch Perfect 3 has tried to drag it back in to view for one more showing.

The storyline is often barbaric and doesn’t seem realistic or coherent, but manages to pull itself over the finish line. Just. There are enough strange decisions in Pitch Perfect 3 for acapella to never need to rear its naked head for a long, long time.


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