It’s the classic cop film with a real, genuine twist

Bright forces through its themes more than any other film of 2017. Filled with racially charged ideas and sequences, the film is filled to the brim hoping every member of its audience understands it’s message in its entirety. It’s obviously overdone but that’s okay because the screen is filled out in every scene anyway.

Returning from work after a serious injury, Daryl Ward (Will Smith) must once again work with the only Orc officer in the force, Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton). Their shift takes a strange turn when they begin the protection a mysterious elf with immeasurable powers from darker forces than they could ever have imagined.

Director David Ayer has created a brilliant world of modern-day fantasy and attempted to look at the social consequences of such a world. A planet filled with a number of species attempting to live in harmony. It’s incredibly forced, and in true Ayer fashion, it feels far too much like Bright is trying to be cool, but the ideas behind it are enough to back up most of what it is saying.


Joel Edgerton is a wonderful highlight playing a mooted but warmhearted Orc with a real story to tell, and this bounces strangely from Will Smith’s Ward doing what exactly what he does in every film. It’s a strong partnership and one that works throughout.

Bright is certainly convoluted and over the top, but it plays out nicely and as an action film there is far more to it than most of its competitors could dream of. It would have been interesting to see on the big screen rather than a Netflix release, yet this would have given more clout to it’s multiple explosions which is never a good thing. It’s the classic cop film with a real, genuine twist.


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