It’s like a series of headlines with no story behind them

Downsizing had been a passion project of director Alexander Payne for a long time. Even before the release of The Descendants, he had started making plans to direct the film, and it has taken 9 years to finally get it released. With such a strong set of films in his arsenal. It’s a real shame that Downsizing is so terrible.

Paul (Matt Damon) and Audrey (Kristen Wiig) are stuck in a boring routine with little hope for their futures. So when the chance to downsize, or reduce their bodies to 5 inches tall, comes along, they consider it as a genuine option for a new life. It’s only when the process takes place, does Paul begin to really question the life choice.

The chance with Downsizing comes with the ability to make a real social drama, questioning the common morals of the current day population. Yet all it does it bring up issues and leave them to fester. It’s like a series of headlines with no story behind them. The social aspect is there but the commentary is missing.


It often feels silly and overdrawn with a terrible ending and only a few highlights. These coming in the form of supporting performances from Christoph Waltz and Hong Chau. Other than that Matt Damon plays the everyday man he does so well, who happens to also be passionately boring.

There are issues with the scaling of the small people against their backdrop, huge sections of the film with no purpose and a really weak and uninteresting storyline. Downsizing is a huge miss and really should have been recognised as one during the elongated production process. It’s certainly not worth the invested time, coming off as just a cheap and gimmicky movie.


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