If it’s aim is to please the kids, it’s hit the nail right on the head

The fact that Early Man is a football film is both a surprising and pleasing one. Original stories are often difficult to create and approaching a children’s animation hoping to make it interesting and unique is never easy.

Dug (Eddie Redmayne) is a young hunter, dedicated to looking after his stone-age tribe. But when their home is invaded by a shiny bronze monster, Dug must overcome his fears and save the day, with a little help from the past.

It is nowhere near the standard of a Wallace and Gromit production and that is okay. Those are outright family films, looking to please everyone, and will always be Aardman’s best work. Early man fits much more in line with Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists as a children’s film and suffers in its quality for this. Yet whatever its subject matter may be, it still manages to posess the classic Aardman charm.

It’s a credit to the company for being able to hold onto their original style, while putting out classic productions for all to watch. They may not be as all-encompassing as they used to be but that doesn’t stop them from being thoroughly enjoyable.

Early Man really tries to incorporate a positive attitude with a sporting theme, while maintaining a stone age setting. It’s possible that this mismatch of ideas makes it work, but stops it from becoming a great film.

Early Man is a fun filled burst of energy, with great voice performances and genuinely funny slapstick. At times it’s too silly and too stupid, but if it’s aim is to please the kids, it’s hit the nail right on the head.


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