A horror movie featuring Helen Mirren sounds about as good as it is

A horror movie featuring Helen Mirren sounds about as good as it is. Winchester is a complete and utter mess in almost every aspect of its being, and most of this comes from its complete inability to rise more than a whimper of fright.

Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren) is deemed mentally unfit by her board of directors, suggesting she should no longer continue to run their gun manufacturing company. In an effort to have her removed from the position, they send in Doctor Eric Price (Jason Clarke), a man tasked with writing her off within just a few short days. However, when Doctor Price arrives at the Winchester household, its dark secrets keep him from immediately signing anything off.


Winchester is an incredibly weak effort at using the horror genre to attract both an audience and credibility. More than any other style of film, horrors allow low budget creations to become overnight success stories, and this is often milked dry. Winchester fails to understand the storytelling and the horror of its creation, making it a particularly unintelligent watch.

There is no connectivity running through the film’s veins, making it feel as hollow as the Winchester house, and at no point does it give way to the plot that it so sorely needs. Too often Winchester relies on its jump scares that don’t supply their basic requirement, with Doctor Price roaming the halls looking for empty clues to a missing mystery. It is a film of immense disappointment and one that really needed a prolonged time at the drawing board, and a shortened time projecting onto the big screen.


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