Tad The Lost Explorer And The Secret Of King Midas

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The only award it’s going to win is ‘Most Convoluted Title’

‘The golden age of animation’ is a phrase thrown around a huge amount in cinema circles across the world in the present day. It’s a notion that the current time-period features the best animation pictures there has ever been, and ever will be, and for the most part, it is correct. But even England football’s golden generation of 2002 had its duds, and Tad is effectively Kieron Dyer in disguise.

Longing to go on another adventure with the love of his life, Tad The Explorer spends his spare time training to become a brilliant architect. So when Sara thinks she has found the lost temple that holds the secret of King Midas, Tad is the first to volunteer a helping hand.


The animation quality is about the only element holding Tad up, as its story, voice performances and characterisation all needed a great deal more hard work placed into them to start the film flowing in the right direction. Far too much of the picture feels like filler and setups just for cheap laughs.

The only award it’s going to win is ‘Most Convoluted Title’, but it does prove that animation, in general, has reached an incredible point where a film can look impeccable and stylistic, whilst simultaneously being a genuinely awful film.


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