It limps into existence like a wet fish soaked in sour milk

The less said about Father Figures the better really. It’s a road trip film, sub-par jokes, exceedingly obvious plot points, and a cast that just keep disappointing. Films like this thrive on cameo appearances from major stars, and if they just stopped making them, this kind of rubbish wouldn’t keep making its way to the big screen.

Kyle (Owen Wilson) and Peter (Ed Helms) are estranged brothers, who only meet at large family events. So when their mother, Helen (Glenn Close) gets married, they are once again reunited. But after a strange moment of revelation thrusts them together, they must go on a long road trip to find out who their real father is.


It’s a comedy-lite production of elongated proportions. Feeling much like its been through a stretching machine, Father Figures just gets longer and longer with jokes falling out of its pockets as they go. There’s no real surprise to the proceedings and by the time they reach the conclusion, no one really cares anyway. There’s a huge amount of love for Owen Wilson out there, and Ed Helms has his fans, but there’s such a lack of leadership throughout, and it leaves the film feeling pointless and aimless, even though their task is glaringly clear.

It lacks power, prowess, and jokes, and as a comedy, that means it limps into existence like a wet fish soaked in sour milk.


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