There’s no hiding or disguising what the story is, and that makes Lady Bird the special film that it becomes

Coming of age stories are everywhere. They litter all corners of the shelves in your local HMV whether they be novels, series or films, and often they tend to disappoint. Capturing the move from childhood naivety into teenage angst and onto adult life is a difficult task, and that’s often down to the character involved. Yet what Greta Gerwig has created, is a character that has no bounds; the true epitome of a teenager, but made her feel real. Lady Bird is a girl with such a strong sense of recklessness her actions become enjoyable however repetitively unpredictable they are.

Lady Bird (Saorise Ronan) is an independent, vibrant and rebellious teenager, trying to understand herself, as well as the world around her. Moving away from home becomes her goal after arguing continuously with her passionate mother, putting strain on their relationship. Her pains in love make Lady Bird’s situation considerably worse, and navigating high school with good grades quickly becomes the least of her worries.

It’s a difficult story to sell because it sounds so wholly unimportant. And this is always the case with a coming of age story, being so self-important, but Gerwig has managed to make Lady Bird feel as if it were needed, however much it isn’t. Creating the character for the screen, and allowing Ronan to make it her own, gives the film a personal sense of pride, a power that is so key to Lady Bird’s character.

lady bird 6,

Backed by a witty, wise and quick script, the story unfolds in a revealing and understanding way, giving good time to both sides of the argument, almost sitting on the fence playing devil’s advocate between the family. There’s no hiding or disguising what the story is, and that makes Lady Bird the special film that it becomes.

Being a coming of age film, its cinematic power will never be that of a grand picture with an infinite budget, but its charming demeanour gives it a great chance to win over anyone’s heart, however tough they seem on the outside.


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