It’s a powerhouse of colour and culture and really does show off Chinese cinema

Having a limited knowledge of Chinese cinema does not make Monster Hunt 2 any less enjoyable. It’s a whirlwind of fun, energy, and action as it injects life into the classic Chinese filmmaking style. With high-flying characters and fantastic scenery, Monster Hunt 2 is every bit the family film an American version would be.

When Wuba returns to his original family, the little monster becomes the kidnapping target of an evil force. Cast into the wild, he must fend for himself and survive the barricade of evil beings. With his former owners on a quest to find him, will they make it back together before it is too late?


There appears to be such a rich set of themes and ideas relating to both animated history and that of Chinese culture in Monster Hunt 2. Any film, no matter its target age group, is made better by research, knowledge and detail, and there simply are no exceptions. Thriving due to its keen sense of understanding, the film gives off its ideas as not just story drivers, but as a fascinating and visual version of storytelling. With the aid of humour and fantasy, Monster Hunt 2 becomes the successful power that it should be.

It is almost a guarantee that there is something within Monster Hunt 2’s plethora of excitement for everyone to love, and that goes for non-Mandarin speakers as well as those young enough to not read at the quick pace of film subtitles. It’s a powerhouse of colour and culture and really does show off Chinese cinema as the worldwide competitor it is.


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