With such a misleading and awkward title it will never gain the popularity it deserves

Using such an Americanised, childish and boring title makes Mom And Dad appear as something that it isn’t. The film actually follows a fairly cryptic and tense storyline, with some sort of lore around its horror, but with such a misleading and awkward title it will never gain the popularity it deserves.

A strange phenomenon begins across the world as parents start to attack and kill their children. This becomes a major issue for young Carly (Anne Winters) and her brother Josh (Zackary Ryan) as they try to escape their family home getting away from their parents. Brent (Nicholas Cage) and Kendall (Selma Blair) have different ideas, and the children’s chance of survival begins to look extremely thin.

The horror isn’t particularly scary or gory but there is definitely an element of tension and fear pumped into the film’s DNA. the nature of the storyline lends itself to farce but really, Mom And Dad is anything but. The camera work is intense and there’s an obvious effort at making this a serious film, and not one that can be mocked for its silly title.


The issue however, comes with its abrupt and unsatisfying ending. There’s no effort made to explain what is going on. There’s not even a great deal of clues to create theories around, a theme that seems vital to creating a modern day mystery. Being able to increase the internet chatter around a film or series makes it far more valuable, often even if it isn’t that great in the first place.

Mom And Dad is more of a psychological horror in the same vein as the ever successful Get Out. It’s no where near that level of quality, but it offers enough intrigue to keep it running, and enough tension to annoy when it’s finale does answer any questions at all.


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