McAdams is the absolute highlight as her reckless and care free approach comes over as funny, smart and approachable

Genuine, understanding, and funny comedies are so difficult to come by, especially in the section titled ‘New Releases’. Game Night was marketed as a mainstream and generic comedy that should, ‘theoretically’, be a poor addition to the release calendar. Yet with the help of an excellent cast including Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman, the film becomes a brilliant caper full of actively surprising twists and turns.

When their regular game night is interrupted by Max’s (Jason Bateman) brother, they must move the event to his house, making him the star of the night. But an unexpected turn leads to his kidnapping, and the whole group embarking on a quest to discover the answers to a series of clues. However, the game very quickly turns serious as they realise there’s far more to the situation than meets the eye.

McAdams and Bateman lead the pack as two of the finest comedy actors currently setting the scene alight. Bateman is naturally known for his comedy, but McAdams seems to have an incredibly ability to adapt to whatever surroundings any director can throw at her. She is the absolute highlight as her reckless and care free approach comes over as funny, smart and approachable, naturally aiding an already comedic script.

Game Night 2

With a variety of side characters including a hilariously creepy Jesse Plemmons, Game Night feels like an ensemble piece that makes every scene enjoyable even without McAdams always leading the way. There’s no reliance on repetitive jokes, no need for insulting or out-dated comedy, and certainly no recycled story line, the films works as a standalone and an original piece of work.

Never taking itself too seriously, Game Night comes across exactly as its filmmakers intended, becoming one of the best comedies of the decade. It will forever be a light-hearted film, easy to watch and easy to enjoy. Often all a film needs to be.


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