Walk Like A Panther is the Brexit lover’s cream cracker as it pushes its ideal of ‘Britain for Britain’, thus denying any sort of variety from appearing in its final product. It has a strange anti-capitalist theme, which goes against most of its other principles, and is essentially a comedy without jokes.

When a group of 1980’s British wrestlers have their 20th Century pub threatened with closure, they hold a one-night reunion in order to raise enough money to keep hold of the place they call the hub of their community.

5915-Walk Like a Panther-Photo Nick Wall.RAF

A vastly childish film for oversized, uneducated idiots, Walk Like A Panther supplies us with everything that is wrong with Village-British culture; a lack of acceptance, a lack of diversity and a yearning for how things used to be. It isn’t called nostalgia, it’s called denial and Walk Like A Panther swims in it.

Most of its jokes would sit comfortably in the script of the 6.30 children’s comedy over on CBBC, and the rest of the script offers very little else in any department. The performances are either overkill or wooden, and its only positive seems to be respite that comes with… There is no respite. 



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