There is no charm to the film and that hinders its ability to win over audiences massively

As a film reviewer, I desperately try to avoid using the first person in my articles. It always feels as if I am being far too self-important, and doesn’t allow for the film to be fully explained. However, A Wrinkle In Time has led me to throw out my own rule book in a fury of distraught anger.

Meg (Storm Reid) is a young girl bullied at school for her weird personality and the disappearance of her father. But when her genius younger brother Charles Wallace makes a new friend called Mrs. Whatsit (Reece Witherspoon) Meg is taken on a journey across the universe looking for her father.

A Wrinkle In Time 2

Essentially none of it makes sense. Almost a Mighty Boosh film, without the jokes, the endearing British style or a sense of reality keeping it grounded. There are so many elements to A Wrinkle In Time it often seems forced and the number of times it feels the need to give out plot explanations is obscene. Let’s just say it doesn’t come with a ‘show-not-tell’ mentality.

‘Oh, we didn’t we didn’t explain that last bit. This huge chunk of dialogue can do it. That’ll be fine.’ – A Wrinkle In Time Film makers (Probably) p.s. not an actual quote

The animation is outdated and bizarre in a freakish sense. There is no charm to the film and that hinders its ability to win over audiences massively. It feels unrelatable and annoying, even when it tries to boast its strong cast. It’s really difficult to recommend, but i’m sure some of the young’uns will find something to enjoy. They usually do.


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