A story line can be obvious if it is a strong one

Once James Corden has been accepted, if the seemingly popular opinion on him is true, 2018’s Peter Rabbit has, amazingly, a lot to offer the world Beatrix Potter created so many years ago.

Peter (James Corden) is a persistent rabbit, defiantly trying to steal his neighbour Mr. McGregor’s crops on a daily basis. But when Thomas (Domhnall Gleeson), Mr. McGregor’s Great Nephew moves in, he must become even more cunning to feed his family the best food. This is on top of winning the affection of fellow neighbour, Bea (Rose Byrne), a painter with real care for her local environment and the happiness of those around her.

Running against the seemingly endless list of terrible Sony Animations (probably reaching back to about 2012), Peter Rabbit is a great piece of fun, and watching a bunny tussle with everyone’s favourite Domhnall Gleeson for an hour and a half is enjoyably satisfying. The animation is great, with an almost seamless transition between live action and the animated creatures, and a motor-speed plot that doesn’t leave any gaps behind. A story line can be obvious if it is a strong one.

Peter Rabbit 2

Naturally, Gleeson and fellow star Rose Byrne lead the way, and without their charming personalities and classic quirks the film would not work. They help to join together the characters many will already know, and the updated visuals and story that makes Peter Rabbit into a cinematic picture.

For true traditionalists, it won’t work. Too much is different from the calm and unassuming original stories and James Corden can often be very invasive as the little rabbit. Yet there is enough to hold most’s attention and pleasure as it genuinely gives its all. There are probably too many inappropriate jokes, and its morals are often in the wrong place, but there is heart behind the CGI and that seems to have shone through this time.


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