If only it were Transformers 6 and not Pacific Rim 2

It’s a genuine shame that a once revered franchise, has become a Transformers clone by its second movie. It’s endless CGI battles lack all that the carbon copy Transformers fights do, and the larger-than-life characters offer just as little. If only it were Transformers 6 and not Pacific Rim 2.

Following on from his father’s death, Jake (John Boyega) has taken up the mantle as joint pilot of the Jaegar November Ajax, an immense kaiju fighting machine with endless battle potential. So when a rogue Jaegar attacks a scientific research complex in Sydney, Jake is sent into battle with right hand man Nate (Scott Eastwood). However, the battle is difficult, and to win any future fights, the pair must team up with more Jaegers to take down the villains and some of the worst kaiju ever seen.

The story is somewhat lacking, particularly in driving plot points as it chooses extra fight scenes over a good narrative. An idea that may have worked 15 years ago, but so many action films have resorted to filling the screen with CGI monsters and robots in that time, it just becomes cheap and repetitive.

Pacific Rim 2

To suggest there was no effort ploughed in to Pacific Rim: Uprising would be wrong. It’s evident in many sections of the films production, but areas of the film’s production that didn’t need it. The CGI and the effects thrive with the money, but a disastrous script and a non-existent story line take an absolute battering. It is just not good enough for a modern ‘blockbuster.’

The lack of drive is painful to watch, and it genuinely fails to raise any excitement in the fighting as it expands across the screen. John Boyega tries his best to muster some enthusiasm, but without passionate writing he never really had a chance. Its a sad state of affairs, but one that might make the franchise re-evaluate what it is trying to do in future films.


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