There is no defending the film, and I doubt anyone would try

Proud Mary is, and will continue to be, one of the stupidest and most irritating films made this century. Basing the entire plot of a film on the name of a song from the late 60’s is not just a ridiculous idea but a terrible one, especially when the filmmakers don’t even know how to use said song within the awful movie.

Taraji P. Henson plays Mary, a hit woman affected by the loneliness she puts on a child after killing his father. Taking him in after many years of following his every move, she makes a bad decision and kills the crime boss in charge of the boy. Now, hiding the murder from her own boss, Mary must escape alive and with her new companion in tow.

Proud Mary 2

Generically terrible, Proud Mary is atrociously performed, edited, and produced, as it fails to even start raising the tension it so sorely yearns after. Without any hint of flow or grace, the film bounds along with its heavy script and second rate ideas. There’s no understanding of what makes thrillers great, or even what makes any realm of cinema great.

Proud Mary makes no attempt to hide from criticism, a bold but stupid move, as it opens itself up to all manner of judgement. It’s poisonously bad at expressing itself, irritatingly weak for a so-called action picture, and using Tina Turner’s Proud Mary in the way it does is actively hilarious. There is no defending the film, and I doubt anyone would try. There is simply no positives to be found in such a quality-lacking production.


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