A uniquely ginormous masterpiece of lore and history wrapped in a long but fulfilling run time

I had this theory last week that there was a zero percent chance of Infinity War not living up to the expectation surrounding it. Expectation that is perhaps greater than any film has ever received, throughout the history of the world (The Last Jedi is probably the only film that came close to playing host to such an extortionate amount of pressure on its shoulders). Ever since the release of Iron Man back in 2008, Marvel has been building to this moment. 19 films of methodically laying the foundations for the absolute monster of a superhero film that is Infinity War.

With the immensely powerful Thanos (Josh Brolin) seeking to unite the six infinity stones, all of those who can fight, must, uniting major forces against the continuously strengthening being. While the stones are scattered across the universe, Thanos uses his children to do much of the fighting, himself focusing on conquering his own personal battles.

The film is incredible. A uniquely ginormous masterpiece of lore and history wrapped in a long but fulfilling run time. Endless characters, a superior story line, and the most dynamic yet brutish villain cinematic heroes have ever faced. It’s such an intricate and powerful story, laced with a multitude of elements from the last ten years, that it becomes everything it should have done. In that sense it is a difficult film to review because so much of the quality comes from what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has lain before it, but an increasingly pleasurable one to reminisce over.

Avengers Infinity War

Yet, one certainty, is that Infinity War is a film with an understanding of how to harness the history, and expand it outward, no easy feat, but one that Marvel was entirely capable of doing. In a way, it was a formality for Infinity War to become the impressive film that it is. There is such a grandiose production scale behind the MCU, that the quality makes for incredibly easy viewing. Whether it be the magnificent CGI, the excellent casting, or the incredible transition of stories from book to screen, Marvel get it absolutely spot on, especially when it comes to the biggest films of all.

Infinity War is the biggest film of all. Not just breaking sales records, but the film is tearing apart everything Marvel has built towards. It’s a truly unique and incredible cinematic experience, and one that gives the future a very bright and very different look to the old.


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