Amazingly, Blockers is not the abhorrent mess that it sounds like it should be

Amazingly, Blockers, a comedy focusing on three parents attempting to stop their children from carrying out a prom night sex pact is not the abhorrent mess that it sounds like it should be. It is, in fact, a fairly inquisitive, and funny, look at the social state of an upcoming generation.

Lisa (Leslie Mann), Hunter (Ike Barinholtz), and Mitchell (John Cena) are three parents wanting the absolute best for their children. Leading them from young toddlers all the way to high school graduation, they are very much part of their lives. However, when prom night arrives, the trio discover their children’s online group chat, and to their horror, the sex pact they are planning for that very night. 

What Blockers does incredibly well is to understand where the majority of comedies go wrong in the modern day market. The focus should not be on the jokes, but instead on the characters and their story. Even in a comedic film, the jokes should be secondary. Not an afterthought but told in a way so as they don’t become forced and unappealing.

The humour is mild, and perhaps not as overtly funny as many similar comedies, but the way the film feels different actually counts in its favour. It is strange that the Blockers has been branded with such an awful title, and with the tone of the film as it is, really it just becomes a misnomer.

Film Title: Blockers

John Cena is surprisingly emotive, proving, just like Dwayne Johnson before him, that the step up from wrestling to acting really isn’t that big. Especially when you have such an incredible worldwide fan base in support. Leslie Mann is, as always, her charming self, and Ike Barinholtz does a brilliant job of tying the trio together, whilst providing most of the comedic action.

The three teens, supply a refreshing and diverse look at youngsters in today’s society, without seeming derivative or insulting, something many forms of media fail to realise on a regular basis. Their stories feel real and genuine, themes that succeed throughout, and gives the film a refreshing new edge.

Blockers is an incredibly surprising film, with a real heart and a great set of morals behind it. The writers have produced a well-rounded and understanding script, with a variety of jokes and ideas most comedies would absolutely die for.


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