It creates a new breed of mainstream cinema that is truly different from anything before it

It takes a genuinely genius idea to re-imagine the horror genre in the current day. Bringing an original thought process to a genre that so often relies on remakes and rehashes for new content is a remarkable one. We saw it with Get Out last year, and 2018 seems to be the turn of A Quiet Place. Not out-rightly horrifying, but based around an idea that really invigorates an often stale style of film making.

Set in a post-apocalyptic 2020, A Quiet Place tracks one family as they try to survive through constant hunting from an alien species tracking them via sound waves. Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and Lee (John Krasinski) must protect their children by making their house impossibly difficult to detect, whilst keeping deathly silent, forever.

What cannot be forgotten, is that the core of A Quiet Place is what makes it such a brilliant film. The original idea is fantastic, but Krasinski has crafted an incredible picture around that, using his idea as a launch pad. There is no let up in the meticulously created script, the intricately designed story and the powerful message that it sends out.

An Quiet Place 2 

Naturally, this ties into the performances, as Krasinski and his real-life wife Emily Blunt show an unbreakable bond in the family driven characters they portray. Often actors cannot direct and perform within the same film, or at least to a high enough standard, but with Krasinski having such strong ties to the whole process, his impressively heavy impact only adds to the film’s success. Aided by a pair of very fine young actors in the roles of their children, the whole family becomes a unit against the aliens, really selling the fear within the monsters.

It isn’t overtly scary, and won’t make anyone jump out of their seats, but A Quiet Place shows how horror films can be done without blood, guts, and gore to impressive effect. It’s long periods of silence are a real cinematic treat, creating such an awareness of what is going on around the screen that it opens the mind to all sorts of possibilities and futures. It creates a new breed of mainstream cinema that is truly different from anything before it.


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