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The Great British Twee Off is back in full swing. The issue is, The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society doesn’t even get past Week 3 – Pastries because it tastes absolutely disgusting, and it isn’t coy enough to win anyone of any importance over anyway.

Juliet Ashton (Lily James) is desperate to succeed in her writing career. With a poor showing from her first novel, her second book, under a pseudonym, has done very well, but now wants to get her own name recognised. However, a letter from a book club in Guernsey catches her attention, and Juliet takes the journey to the island, unaware of the huge impact it will have on her life.

The resounding issue that comes from all corners of the film, is its pathetic and passive approach to every, single, issue it comes across. There is such a lack of drive throughout, TGLAPPPS just appears as a limp flannel, embroidered with a tiny Union Jack in the corner and a wincing smiley face on the back.


Lily James is perfectly fine as the lead, but the nature of the film is simply nothing that hasn’t been created hundreds of times before, and fails to stand out in any particular sense of its production.

The story line is particularly un-enthralling, the name is hideously ridiculous and on all counts the film avoids its most difficult subject topics as if they were an outdated relative with nothing to moan about but ‘the war.’

It isn’t a terrible film, but it stands out so little it can be easily perceived as one. There is definitely an audience out there for the film, but not necessarily an audience that would enjoy anything that isn’t a period drama about love in wartime. Love In The Time Of Cholera? More like Love In The Time Of Potato Peel Pie! Right?


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