Categorising Thoroughbreds becomes increasingly difficult as each section is further analysed. Its darker themes allowing for almost complete ambiguity, showing off a true sense of blurred genres. By defying these limits, it becomes a brilliant character piece, fronted by a pair of thrilling young actors.

Amanda (Olivia Cooke) is invited to visit former friend Lily (Anya Taylor-Joy) for a short tutoring session, but as they begin talking, Amanda realises Lily is being paid for her participation, and immediately takes offence. However, they meet again under different pretences, bonding over a mutual hatred for Lily’s step-father, and the pair strike back up their forgotten friendship.

Cooke and Taylor-Joy not only steal the show, but are the show, giving a really impressive dynamic, offering much more than just the story. They take full advantage of the opportunity with their characters, and turn them into full blooded women with a real appetite for their end goal. It’s such a strong character piece, anything other than brilliance from the pair would have ended in a truly poor showing.

Thoroughbreds 2

The script is wonderfully detailed and provides truly marvellous dialogue between the two. Creating a thriller that focuses so solely on two characters is a bold move, but it pays off to no end with the style of film making used. Director Cory Finley understands how to let the characters to bounce off each other, while keeping the tension particularly high, and wonderfully engaging.

It’s a film that needs a strong focus from the viewer, but pays back often and impressively. Further viewings will undoubtedly reveal more of Thoroughbreds’ detail, and show off its stars even more brightly, who will both fit naturally into lists of Hollywood’s big time stars for years to come.


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