It doesn’t feel like its own picture, instead like a completed set of criteria taking the story from a to b

Disappointing sequels aren’t even worth the film reel they are made on. They litter Hollywood with poor and thought-lacking ideas that only repeat themes produced multiple times by multiple franchises, and often it’s the biggest of these franchises that become the quickest to let an audience down.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom follows on 3 years after the initial fall of the theme park. An active volcano threatens the lives of the dinosaurs left on the island, and after a government order to leave them there, Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) are hired to lead an operation to extract the creatures. However, when the true reason behind the operation becomes clear, the pair must take charge themselves, and save the dinosaurs from a different threat altogether.

Ultimately it’s a very strange film, almost like a band’s difficult second album. It wants to keep its action-based comedic core, but still come over as brooding and meaningful. The plot is predictable and that leaves more work for the actors and the script. Pratt and Howard are wonderful together but this is a film about dinosaurs, and they shouldn’t be carrying the feature on their own.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

It feels like Fallen Kingdom is the transition from Jurassic World to a future third film, and needed to fill a hole. It doesn’t feel like its own picture, instead like a completed set of criteria taking the story from a to b, without too much thought as to how they actually get there.

The first third is perhaps its saving grace, yet the overarching emotions are certainly too strong. There is one scene in particular that becomes so distressing it’s very difficult to watch. It isn’t necessarily an issue, but it changes the tone of the film, and stands out because it is so different from the everything else on offer. It’s brilliantly emotional, but comes on too strong, mostly due to the lack of quality the rest of the film brings.

Fallen Kingdom is a filler film, bringing all that was good about Jurassic World to a halt. Its lack of class won’t stop a third film from making its way to the big screen, but it might make the production team think a little harder about the present rather than the not-so-important things to come.


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