It’s mildly heartwarming, like a radiator heating to 1℃ more than it currently is

Coming across as an elongated episode of the ‘sitcom you like that isn’t particularly funny’, Patrick looks to tap into the part of the British psyche that loves slapstick humour, cameos from classic comedians, and dogs.

When she is left by her partner, Sarah (Beattie Edmondson) is left to pay for a flat she can’t afford and start a job in a brand new school. To make matters worse, her deceased grandmother’s will resigns her to taking care of her pet pug, Patrick, a task she desperately doesn’t want to carry out. Her life feels like a tragedy, but as Sarah and her new friend get to know each other, she realises things maybe aren’t so bad after all.

Patrick does seem to stink of a plan that only included a cinematic release so it couldn’t be branded with the same burn as a straight to DVD production. There’s no scaling up of the proceedings looking to make the film a grandiose affair rather than an ordinary, formulaic, British comedy.


Beattie Edmondson is great fun as Sarah, but the story doesn’t give her much to do in the way of exploring her character. It’s very much a cliched role trying to explain feminism in a  light and tepid manner.

It is essentially harmless, and plays host to a few jokes that will make anyone smile. It’s mildly heartwarming, like a radiator heating to 1℃ more than it currently is, and will give most at least three moments of ‘ooh look who it is.’ Just don’t expect any more than that.


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