Pure joy in its best of forms

Throwing all of its potential into a ginormous mixing bowl, adding layer upon layer on animation expertise and dripping in the irresistibly rare ‘Better Than The Original’ sauce, The Incredibles 2 in a groundbreaking film, reminding all of us why we fell in love with Pixar in the first place, and still love almost everything they have made to date.

Following on from exactly where the first film left off, The Parr family are relocated once again for security reasons. Their ‘super’ days seem to be over, but a rich company owner, desperate to bring ‘supers’ back into the public eye, looks to them to become the faces of his re-image. With Mrs. Incredible (Holly Hunter) chosen to start things off, Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is left at home looking after 3 children, one of whom is about to discover his simply incredible powers.

Everything that was, and still is, loved about the original, is matched in the second film. Edna Mode is as fabulous as ever, there’s purposeful character progression and a sense of clear understanding on how to make more than just a superhero film. This is a film that builds on everything we already knew about The Incredibles story, without undermining what came before. It is the perfect sequel.

The Incredibles 2 2

The Incredibles 2 is better than its predecessor, and despite there being arguments both for and against both films, when the pair are looked at retrospectively, there is a clear difference making the sequel stand out just that little bit more. The stories are similar, but The Incredibles 2 manages to expand its outlook somewhat more vividly. Whether it is new ‘supers’, exploring the world the Parr’s live in or if it’s a particularly mysterious plot playing out, there is a real attempt to make this a fully functioning world with genuinely ethical questions.

Yes, there is more to it than being better than the original, but honestly, by using a more expansive story and naturally progressing its brilliant characters, The Incredibles has become a franchise with a future, rather than a one off piece of brilliance. It is hilarious throughout, with a universal sense of humour and a real feel of quality about it. Even being enormously long for a children’s film, The Incredibles 2 ends up feeling like it could have easily come out infinitely longer with no issues at all. Pure joy in its best of forms.


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