Action Point is absolute trash and no level of injury to anyone will change that

It doesn’t matter that Johnny Knoxville suffered his worst ever on-set injuries while filming Action Point. It doesn’t even matter that his eye was popping out of its socket during the final days of filming because Action Point is absolute trash and no level of injury to anyone will change that.

D.C. (Johnny Knoxville) runs an out-of-favour amusement park on the outskirts of a small town in Southern America. Losing business to a brand new park opening nearby, D.C. must find a unique selling point to keep his park running. So, with the help of best friend Benny (Chris Pontius) and daughter Boogie (Eleanor Worthington Cox) they take away any safety precautions and let visitors run wild across all of Action Point’s already unstable attractions.

The Jackass movies worked, to an extent, because of the variety of hideously disgusting and undeniably brutal ‘stunts’ the performers undertook. They were horrible to watch and most required no talent at all, but at least the reasoning behind what they were doing was impressive on a level of pure stupidity.

Action Point 2

But when a narrative is added in between the stunts, making it a semi-cohesive picture, the cracks show more than ever, putting the stupidity to the test on multiple levels. Obviously, this shows glaringly that Action Point barely understands what the word plot means, making it a film of incredible irritation and ultimate annoyance.

The stunts seem remarkably mooted however dangerous they actually are, and the story is beyond worthless, leaving itself with absolutely no redeeming features. The characters are as unlikeable as they come, particularly Chris Pontius, who wasn’t endearing when he was himself let alone when he is trying to play a character who’s even slimier than he is.

Action Point is a nonsensical exercise in idiocy and danger with terrible results. Allowing Pontius and Knoxville full reigns on creating a feature film was a terrible idea and one that became worse than anyone could have imagined. None of it is funny, the ‘stunts’ are incredibly tame and it essentially becomes a movie only adults can watch that children wouldn’t even find funny.


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