No individuality, no scares

The hype surrounding The Conjuring franchise needs to stop. Immediately. The Nun is a terrible excuse for a horror movie, and only proves how barren the franchise is of creative, original or even scary ideas.

The body of a nun is found hanging in front of the Cârța Monastery, Romania. Father Burke (Demian Bechir) and Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) are sent to investigate the root cause of the nun’s death, but upon arrival the pair discover there is far more to the story than just a sister carrying out her own suicide.

The Nun

The Nun doesn’t even understand the basics of a jump scare. It’s evident from very early on in the film’s run time that jump scares are going to be a staple of what it does, but that doesn’t mean they are carried out with any originality or surprise. Basic repetition and simple changes from one to the next, the scares run out very quickly leaving boredom and predictability to set in comfortably.

Taissa Farmiga tries to make something of the non-existent script, but there’s only so many times she can walk down the same tunnel and it not begin to feel like she’s actually just walking the length of the Atlantic Ocean. The Nun is a powerfully inept film and there seems to be very little done to avoid that.

Horror audiences are no longer shocked by blood or gore (The Nun doesn’t even have much of that) and films need an extra edge to draw in both praise and fans. The Conjuring franchise hasn’t had that for a while, and The Nun is absolutely the worst of all the films for it. No individuality, no scares.


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