It just feels like a witless idea that had far too much cash thrown at it

Mixing a group of twilight-years actors, some past it, some not, into a film with endless nonsensical dialogue, brings about nothing but similarity and formality, making a heist film with no interest, no fun and certainly no entertainment. King Of Thieves is a poor piece of film making that uses huge names to churn the cash, rather than offer a truly original film about a bizarrely real true-to-life story.

Based upon the Hatton Garden Heist of 2015, King Of Thieves tells the story from the heists invention, all the way to its end, focusing on many of the conversations and arguments the rag-tag group of thieves had along the way. With an ever evolving plan, the route to victory becomes increasingly unlikely, and difficult, as they move on through the early hours of Easter Sunday.

King Of Thieves

Understanding that these true events happened just three years ago and there is already two feature films and a planned mini series focusing on the exact same heist, goes a long way to understanding why King Of Thieves feels so ‘cash grabby.’ No one particular section takes hold and expresses itself through the feature, leaving almost a shell filled with old names hoping to draw attention to itself.

King Of Thieves manages to stay miserably average throughout often strongly damaging the film’s overall image, possibly worse than being outrightly ‘bad.’ The direction doesn’t express the film’s more comedic turns, the cinematography doesn’t pop, and in essence neither does the story, as much as its premise seems like it should.

The acting is fine, as it was always going to be with Jim Broadbent still starring in absolutely everything he does, but with such a large cast, it often feels like an assortment of aged men constantly bumping into each other. Anyone listening to the audible sounds repeating across the set each day probably heard things like: ‘Oh look, its Michael Caine.’ ‘Is that Paul Whitehouse? I haven’t seen him in ages.’

It just feels like a witless idea that had far too much cash thrown at it, hoping the stars would draw in an audience. They inevitably did, but that doesn’t make it anymore enjoyable for the everyday viewer, unless they enjoy reading out a large list of names, some of them only semi-recognisable.


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