It’s character design is similar to something 2008 spewed out, and the world of animation moves incredibly fast

There isn’t a huge amount of history from Warner Animation Studios, previously offering us The Lego Movie franchise and Storks, but they have managed to fall in to a trope that plagues the children’s film scene, not just the animation sector.

The use of the ‘hero plus audience (who understand a foreign entity) vs. the rest of their tribe/clan/city (who don’t) story line is so overused it hurts. Maybe it has a slightly different message to the others, but in reality it is a stale plot that only adds to much of the garbage the larger film studios churn out.


Migo (Channing Tatum) is a yeti desperate to follow in his father’s footsteps as the gong ringer, waking up the yeti tribe atop the mountain every morning. However, when his first practice attempt goes slightly wrong, he ends up bouncing way out of the tribe and into the snowy wilderness. So when a metal creature heads towards him, crashing into the snow, Migo investigates to find a deadly Smallfoot inside, something his tribe swear to be made up.

Aside from the obvious plot issues, Smallfoot shows glimpses of magic but nothing overly special. It’s message is positive when it’s point is eventually reached, and some of the animation is genuinely up there with the best. Yet it’s character design is similar to something 2008 spewed out, and the world of animation moves incredibly fast. It feels underdone, and that’s never good for a family film heavily reliant on CGI.

Smallfoot isn’t completely regrettable but falling into a trap that so many children’s films have before makes it feel old (It also doesn’t help that it’s not far off two hours long and the design of the yetis really not quite sitting right). But there is certainly enjoyment to be had, just enjoyment that most families will have had plenty of times before.


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