However much comedy is about ‘the way you tell ‘em’, there still has to be something to actually tell

Feeling like a series of loosely connected comedy sketches, Night School very often falls short of the mark, becoming a comedy with no real direction and certainly no purpose. Kevin Hart’s delivery is usually the picture’s only saviour, and however much comedy is about ‘the way you tell ‘em’, there still has to be something to actually tell.

Teddy Walker (Kevin Hart) has everything he’s ever wanted in life. Cars, money, and women. But just when things look as if they could never be better for him, his life falls apart, and Teddy needs to find a new job fast. Promised a high position at a finance firm by his best friend Marvin, Teddy must go back to school and get his GED. Yet, having previous history with the head teacher, and a notoriously tough night school trainer, things won’t be as easy as he first thought.

Night School

Night School offers the predictability of an American comedy mixed with popular themes in an attempt to draw an audience. ‘Kevin Hart getting his GED’ is such an empty plot device it needed padding out, and offering that in the form of Tiffany Haddish was a fabulous idea, which quickly becomes wasted with her reduced to mere dancing and the spewing out of continuous comedic ‘burns’. It doesn’t work as a feature, and that is all too obvious to see.

Most of the jokes focusing on ‘black voice’ and stereotypes drag the performances down, even though they’re above par for a comedy produced in 2018. There’s no real highlights or climax, and that leaves behind a very run of the mill comedy with very, very little to say.


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