Cooper’s input has obviously shaped A Star Is Born, and turned it into the modern dramatical masterpiece it is

A Star Is Born simply has to be regarded as one of the greatest remakes of all time. It is rare for a production to advance so far upon a previous rendition of the same story, but Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut is an absolute beauty. The cinematography is astounding, particularly for a film so often set in dark, cavernous rooms, and it’s undoubtedly this impeccable camera work that makes 2018’s version of A Star Is Born feel so special.

After finishing a late night show, world-renowned rock star Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) is desperate for a drink, and forces his driver to pull up at a small bar in a California side street. Fascinated by the acts taking to the stage throughout the night, Maine quickly becomes enthralled with one particular singer. So as the night draws to a close, Maine goes backstage to visit Ally Campana (Lady Gaga), becoming the first moments of a long, enchanting night together.

A Star Is Born 2

Though it already sits at well over two hours long, A Star Is Born could absolutely be an extra four hours. This is a film full of heart, thought, and power, and ultimately comes across exactly as Cooper intended it to. He has taken A Star Is Born into his heart and put every ounce of his energy into making it the triumph that it is.

The selection of Lady Gaga as Aly, though not an obvious choice, becomes a great one with her heartfelt original songs, and a performance as naive as it needed to be. In her first feature film, Gaga adds a flavour of innocence which a more seasoned actress may have struggled with, and poses the rise of Aly as a realistic and whirlwind ascent to stardom. Cooper got his casting spot on, but Gaga nailed the role better than anyone could have predicted.

The advantage of having Cooper acting and directing, comes from his clear and natural ability to do both simultaneously. Putting in an Oscar-worthy performance whilst directing his first feature with as much passion and vision as he has his incredibly enlightening. This is a man who has clearly studied film relentlessly for a pathway into how he wanted his own movies to look. His input has obviously shaped A Star Is Born and turned it into the modern dramatical masterpiece it is.


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