Mandy promotes all sorts of strange ideals that, out of context, seem completely crazy

Describing Mandy to anyone will bring about some hardcore questioning. Nicolas Cage tracks down a cult, attempting to kill each of them one by one in incredibly gory fashion after they kidnap and murder his wife, played by Andrea Riseborough? Sounds legit.

But actually, it is. There is a huge sense of revenge running through the film that makes almost anything seen on screen seem believable when considered universe-bound.

Set in a forest sparsely populated with people, Mandy often feels incredibly isolated and this ‘out of tune with time’ theme allows for the fantasy and less believable moments to still hit hard; And boy do they hit hard. There is no fear within the boundaries Mandy sticks by, promoting all manner of satanic ideas and relentless gallons of blood and viscous gore. The cult mentality Riseborough’s captors have also brings out some more of the weirdly vibrant themes Mandy absolutely adores, promoting all sorts of strange ideals that, out of context, seem completely crazy.

But within the confines of the film, Cage’s struggle for revenge is completely understandable and as his anger reaches peak level, so does the excitement. Mandy is so over the top it gives itself the leeway to do literally anything it likes, and then does exactly that.

It’ll be famed for its gore, horror and outright fear factor, but Mandy’s most key element is its audacity to even attempt to pull any of this off; And because of that, it becomes exactly the film it should have been, and works on multiple, albeit horrifying, levels.


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