It’s not worth the time, but it’s pretty clear everyone involved already knew that

The most sickeningly awful realisation that comes with Holmes And Watson being so terrible is that it’s list of cast members features so many incredible, world-renowned names. Steve Coogan, Kelly Macdonald, RALPH FIENNES! Holmes And Watson has judged its tone, and it’s comedy, so badly, that literally none of these incredible actors can save the film even one tiny bit.

Sherlock Holmes (Will Ferrell) and Doctor John Watson (John C. Reilly) think they have caught the ever evasive Professor Moriarty (Ralph Fiennes), but yet, he manages to escape once again. So, with the help of Queen Victoria (Pam Ferris) the pair embark on a mission to find out exactly who is doing Moriarty’s bidding for him.

holmes and watson 2

The number of Sherlock Holmes variations that now flood the multimedia market is simply astonishing, with each one trying to seem edgy or different in its own way. But any future attempts need not worry, because this version is as awful as it’s going to get. There was clearly an understanding from almost everyone how badly the film would be received by audiences and critics alike, with the attempted sale to Netflix shortly before release, but even they weren’t having it.

The jokes are stupid, un-complementary and often terrible, with a story line equally weak. The presumption that everything Reilly and Ferrell do together would be hilarious need no longer be, with the failure powered by a lack of drive or even need. Why did they make Holmes and Watson? It’s a question that seems as if it were never asked, that is until after the final cut was made, by everyone.

Ferrell is off form and irritating, Reilly is reduced to moans and groans and there’s a real issue with childish gags very similar to Johnny English Strikes again, and we all know how that went… It’s not worth the time, but it’s pretty clear everyone involved already knew that.


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