The creators are pumping out a film that looks like it was made on Windows 98

Did the creators of Luis And The Aliens ever stop to think: ‘These characters we are creating. How irritating are they? Are we going past the acceptable limit?’ Anyone that may have had the misfortune of watching Luis And The Aliens will be able to give the firm and reassuring answers of ‘Incredibly’ and ‘Absolutely,’ respectively.

Luis (Callum Maloney) is desperate to connect with his father, a Ufologist who spends his days sleeping ready to search at night for aliens through a telescope. Seeming neglected to his school teacher, social services are drafted in to find out if Luis needs to be removed from his father. However, the visit coincides with a strange incident from outer space, jeopardising Luis’ relationship with his father forever.

luis and the aliens 2

Luis And The Aliens’ most obvious trait is it’s shockingly poor animation. The film has arrived at a time when animation can seriously compete with real footage, and the creators are pumping out a film that looks like it was made on Windows 98. There’s a difference between style choice like Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and something as uninspiring as this. It’s not near the quality today’s cinema demands, appearing as an extended cut scene from a 2002 Playstation 2 game.

The plot is non existent, situating the aliens on Earth because they wanted to buy a vibrating floor mat. No Joke.

The script is effectively point and shout dialogue:

‘Look over there x is happening.’

‘Oh yes. X is happening. You’re right’

That doesn’t sit too well, making the film feel as outdated as it looks. This is a production lacking anything that makes modern animation what it is today, and sadly, the less said the better.


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