The Lego Movies understand how children’s play works and what makes it so genius

Playing out in the most wonderfully of silly ways, The Lego Movie 2 shows how consistent top animation can be without wavering from a perfect vision or an hilarious personality. There is a central core to these films that remains through every feature, even via the Ninjago Movie, and an unrelenting persistence to use this as a running theme works brilliantly. The Lego Movie 2 oozes fun, though realistically it shouldn’t do anything but.

5 years after the first film, Bricksburg is left in a dire state, destroyed and desolate. The environment has become harsh and difficult for everyone except one man. Emmett (Chris Pratt) remains his former self, looking for the positives in everything, even when his new girlfriend Lucy (Elizabeth Banks) is kidnapped by a masked alien, separating the pair and leaving them on opposite sides of the Universe.

The Lego Movie 22

More than any other series of films, The Lego Movies understand how children’s play works and what makes it so genius. The unpredictability, the craziness and the outright ridiculousness is captured beautifully in the movements of the characters, with a true to life feel and wild imagination. It’s widely commented on as to how much the animation looks like stop-go, and sticking to that, using the limitations and the rules Lego brings, gives the features an unprecedented quality.

Marvellously funny, the script coaxes out engaging voice performances from all corners, extending a wonderful cast from the first film to and even wider an recognisable one in the second. There is a strong sense of expansion to The Lego Movie 2 and it doesn’t lose too much of it’s magic to make up for that.

The story isn’t as strong as its predecessor, but that is expected from a second film, and it certainly isn’t weak enough to take away from all of the other wonderful elements it boats. Suffering only slightly from second film syndrome, The Lego Movie 2 is a must watch and a film for everyone to enjoy.

P.s. I hold particular love for the sewer babies.


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