Cliched film making is fascinating. The consistent thirst for endless features showing the same three acts but boasting a different gimmick with occasional new actors is mind numbing. So when a feature like Isn’t It Romantic tries to mix it up, it absolutely deserves time and attention. At least it’s trying to be fresh.

Natalie (Rebel WIlson) is an architect from Australia living in central New York. Constantly hating on the annoyances of life and her lack of a relationship, Natalie feels her life drifting away from her. Yet when she hits her head whilst mugged on the subway, her life suddenly turns into the perfect rom com, something she sees as the ideal life she had always imagined for herself.

Channelling very similar themes to I Feel Pretty, an Amy Schumer featuring romantic comedy effort from last year, there’s a high level of appreciation for a love of everything, and an ultimate search for happiness running from Isn’t It Romantic’s overarching message. The film uses Rebel Wilson’s brilliantly universal appeal to push its ideas around body image and the search for self happiness.

Isn’t It Romantic is never afraid to make fun of itself, and offers some great insight into what the genre tries to do on a regular basis, turning it on its head with both its characters and its ideas. The unique plot offers wonderful ideas into why the rom com is so popular, making fun of it in the process, without ever insulting or insinuating against what the genre has the ability to do.

Often funny, and always entertaining, Isn’t It Romantic holds strong a sense of colour and constant enjoyment. Subverting the genre doesn’t always have to take a negative hold, and that makes the film outrightly enjoyable. Rebel Wilson proves once again how well she can perform a central role, and gives 2019 its most bizarre, but potentially most enjoyable, romantic comedy with oodles of genuine fun.


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