It will always remain a hidden classic; easy to recommend to almost anyone, who probably won’t have seen it

There is a great understanding behind Eaten By Lions take on comedy as it moves away from the norm and into the unique, becoming a truly enjoyable piece with huge personality. Mixing great cinematography, showing Blackpool in all its glory, with a modern yet subtle story line, the feature holds strong even though it’s vital plot points are scattered few and far between.

After their gran’s unexpected death Omar (Antonio Aakeel) and his half-brother Pete (Jack Carroll) are left to fend for themselves. Pete’s Auntie and Uncle are desperate to adopt him, as long as Omar is left out of the picture, a move that would separate the brothers for the first time in their lives. Driven by a note from his late gran, Omar takes to the road to find his missing father, setting out for Blackpool with Pete backing him every step of the way.

Eaten By Lions possesses a charm most rom-coms fail to replicate, offering up diversity as if it’s run through cinema forever. Director Jason Wingard has pieced together the methodical and humorous script, whilst employing constantly beautiful cinematography, highlighting the true personality of Blackpool and the characters at the story’s heart.

There are certainly issues with the scripts creative edge, leaving it to fall behind the vision Wingard promotes, but that doesn’t outrightly deteriorate the quality of the feature. Eaten By Lions is so beautifully shot and stylised it would always be difficult to keep the attention and focus as penetrating as possible.

Showing its individuality when compared to both comedy and other British films, Eaten By Lions is a real hidden gem in a world of constantly over worked productions. Leading the way in low budget film making, original comedies, and diversity, Eaten By Lions will never get the plaudits it deserves. But that’s okay. It will always remain a hidden classic; easy to recommend to almost anyone, who probably won’t have seen it.


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