Endgame becomes as surprising as it is enjoyable, despite its horrifyingly elongated run time

2018’s Infinity War was the ultimate super hero film. In truth, nothing will ever overcome its sheer brilliance, its understanding of the genre, and its ability to bring together such an expansive and enormous franchise. Endgame is naturally the continuation of that, but in doing so becomes a very different film. Offering themes Marvel hasn’t even brushed past in the MCU’s previous 21 films, Endgame becomes as surprising as it is enjoyable, despite its horrifyingly elongated run time.

Yet when a film is granted such a length, questions have to be asked, and Endgame does suffer from it’s inability to tell its story in the stature it needs to, purely because there is so much to tell. From the opening scene to the post credits secret, the film is absolutely rammed, offering an increasingly difficult story to keep up with despite the apparent ‘dumbed down’ nature of the classic superhero film.

Endgame 2

There is simply so much going on, so much happening simultaneously, and so many character arcs to complete, it could never reach its final destination with everything intact. Endgame is built in that manner; only multiple seasons of a television programme can offer the true depth the film had in its arsenal.

That isn’t to suggest this is a bad film, in any sense, the production value alone is absolutely mind blowing, and that makes it an incredibly unique feature, even in the over saturated superhero market. The performances are excellent as always, and it’s a particular strength of Marvel’s to continuously land only the best performances from actors despite them working with many writers, and multiple directors. The MCU as a whole works as well in this sense as any television series has in the past.

Ultimately bringing an end to an astonishing cinematic franchise, Endgame’s ability as a film is wonderfully refreshing and entirely surprising. It’s a route no one will have seen them planning to take, and is vibrantly different. But the sheer enormity, and scale of the entire production means unless it was five to six hours long, the gaps would be evident, so by not splitting into three parts, the Infinity War saga ends with a squash, even if that reduction in power does still leave behind a three hour behemoth of a feature. 


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