Head Full Of Honey continues with its gratuitous cutting and awful storytelling, guiding the film in a direction so painfully obvious it makes Peppa Pig look like Animal Farm

It’s particularly tough to work out where to start with Head Full Of Honey. There is so much atrociously wrong with the film, wherever its heart may be, it’s impossible to actually pinpoint.

Amadeus (Nick Nolte) is a grandfather, desperately struggling with Alzheimer’s, caught in the midst of a bitter, long-term argument between his son Nick (Matt Dillon) and Nick’s wife Sarah (Emily Mortimer). Befriending his granddaughter Matilda (Sophie Lane Nolte), Amadeus is constantly messing up family events and occasions, often leaving himself open to criticism and constant apologies.

Visually jarring, the editing style of constant cutting is simply appalling. Long periods of dialogue are entirely impossible to focus on, with two to three cuts per second in some moments. There is even a shot so quick it’s appears as a subliminal advert for Matt Dillon. With no need whatsoever for the constant barrage of cuts, it makes Head Full Of Honey’s drama seem even worse than it already is. It’s like watching the characters play swingball at 4x speed, except, instead of using a tennis ball, they’re using this horrifying movie.

Head Full Of Honey 2

The drama is overdrawn and irritating, with Dillon and Mortimer clearly uncomfortable with the direction they are tasked with. Certain minor events are placed into the story for the ultimate dramatic effect, seeming both forced and unnecessary, offering nothing but a great chance to roll some eyes. Mortimer’s character appears painfully shallow and unaccepting, and Dillon comes across as if he’s purposely naive and constantly in denial. No character in the film appeals, and offers nothing to even remotely grasp at as it falls into the pit of terrible film making.

Nick Nolte however, is given the most ridiculous character of all. Horrendously mad from even the story’s beginning, Dillon’s refusal to allow him to see a doctor becomes reckless and childish, with Nolte firing guns at his granddaughter, crashing cars into each other, and setting off a horrendous amount of fireworks when left unattended. His destruction is unparalleled, but according to the story he’s fine, leave him be.

Eventually reaching the trip to Venice the film bases its plot around, Head Full Of Honey continues with its gratuitous cutting and awful storytelling, guiding the film in a direction so painfully obvious it makes Peppa Pig look like Animal Farm. The journey feels avoidable, dangerous and stupid, reducing Alzheimer’s to appear as just a joke, rather than anything more important

The planning behind Head Full Of Honey is nonexistent, and in reality, the film shouldn’t have been made. There are no positives, and no enjoyment to be had, just severe irritation and an atrocious sense of overbearing frustration.


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