Western’s have always been a bizarrely specific genre of film making. Though their stories often span wonderful detail and unique character arcs, they’re lumped in together for a reason. The Sisters Brothers is no different, striking in with its valued story and unrelenting themes whilst offering solid humour and a sharp script, despite wholeheartedly remaining as a classic western film.

Charlie (Joaquin Phoenix) and Eli’s (John C. Reilly) reputation proceeds them. Brothers, the pair are known throughout the south for their cut throat attitude towards death, and their unrelenting search for suspects as bounty hunters. Tasked with killing a thief by a man known only as The Commodore, the brothers seek the suspect across the country, aided by John Morris (Jake Gyllenhaal) a private detective who has already tracked down the man in question.

The Sisters Brothers 2

The nature of the story, and the way it handles its dialogue and adventurous plot, is uniquely enjoyable, and quickly becomes the reason The Sisters Brothers works. Paired with the wonderful acting ability of its four leads, its search for the American dream becomes one of a particularly human nature, adoring its characters whatever their outlook on life may be.

There is a strong sense of loyalty and a power swing within the confines of the plot, and that gives The Sisters Brothers a series of moments with extreme underlying connotations that juxtapose the relaxed nature of the film particularly well. This is a feature with lots to say, whilst constantly remembering cinema’s core purpose is to entertain.

It’s story becomes fascinating and intriguing, but the characters are always The Sisters Brothers most important element. It remains particularly funny and wonderfully enjoyable, and its Western setting often sits as its proverbial cherry. Subtle but well managed this is feature with a perfectly designed message, that comes across exactly as it should.


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