Fascinatingly, A Dog’s Journey, the sequel to 2017’s A Dog’s Purpose is a wonderfully touching look at the relationship between human and dog. The film revolves around Bailey (Josh Gad), a dog personality, who wakes up in a new body after each death. Continuing on from his life with owner Ethan (Dennis Quaid), Bailey sees his new role as looking after Ethan’s granddaugher Clarity (Kathryn Prescott), taking up the mantle in multiple forms through multiple lives.

The film’s greatest asset is its ability to deal with sensitive issues in an empowering and realistic manner. Never does it feel as if there is an overstepping of the mark, nor does it shy away from real issues experienced by the average person. A Dog’s Journey works because it isn’t about a dog; it’s purely about a dog’s experience of life.

A Dog's Journey

Coming across an powerfully heartwarming and uplifting, there’s a wonderful offering of joy in the drama A Dog’s Journey loves, becoming far less corny than the original, mostly through the affective Kathryn Prescott, in her first starring role.

The film doesn’t break any barriers or show a unique streak, but it understands wonderful cinematography, how to film animals without losing quality, and supplies a story of sufficient enjoyment. Escapism in its purest form, A Dog’s Journey ends as a warm embrace, just as its own canine stars would love to give out.


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