Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway put the feature echelons above where it would sit otherwise

Taking a leaf out of 2018’s overly-affected personality, The Hustle is the newest attempt at at a gender reversed remake, looking to shuffle up the state of male dominated releasing across cinema worldwide. Yet that doesn’t mean that each production needs to settle as a remake or a rehash, with original productions often offering far more positives than a clone.

The Hustle does fall into that category, role reversing Frank Oz’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, but that influence doesn’t necessarily destroy the film in the way it did for perhaps, What Men Want earlier this year.

The Hustle 2

Leading with a wonderful pairing in Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway, the connection they offer is both continuously evolves, becoming genuinely engaging and dynamic, akin to that of many top level dramas. They put the feature echelons above where it would sit otherwise, and that credit can only be put on their shoulders.

The story naturally offers some intrigue, with multiple layers for anyone unaware of the story prior to viewing, whilst supplying a new take on the subject. These gender reversed productions only really work when the outward dynamic is different, but the core heart of what made the original tick, is still very present in the new piece.

It’s far from a perfect recreation, and there are better gender reversed remakes (though they are now quickly becoming their own sub genre and The Hustle is one of the better ones), but by offering such an engaging cast, there’s no denying the quality the film has found and showcased.


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