It’s one of the funniest films this year, but still feels like it has lots to say

Seeming like an idea-turned-comedy pushed multiple times before, Long Shot is far more of an enigma than it should be. Boasting its wonderfully charismatic leads in Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, the film wants to explore every issue plaguing newspaper pages and word of mouth in the modern world, but still remain bitingly funny. It manages both of these goals with oodles of charm, and really, it’s a wonderful two hours of classic comedy fun.

Once informed of the current President’s intention to step down after just one term of service, U.S. Secretary Of State Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) asks for endorsement as his successor. Granted the backing, she sets out to become the first female President, increasing her number of public appearances and media interactions. At an event in New York, Charlotte bumps into Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) an out-of-work journalist she used to babysit for, hiring his services as a writer against her backroom staff’s better judgement, despite his rugged look and unprofessional outward demeanour.

Long Shot 2

Long Shot is entirely run by Rogen and Theron. Director Jonathan Levine has a history of using two leads at the forefront of his pictures (50/50, Snatched), streamlining them to bounce from each other perfectly. Long Shot only takes that one step further with a wonderfully written script, making Field and Flarsky two particularly accentuated, yet real, personalities. But this only works because Rogen and Theron are given all the space they need to express exactly what their characters desire, in the wonderful way modern comedies can create realistic but closed worlds. 

These films are very much based on and in our world, but there’s a suspended belief that has allowed comedy features slip ups and unnatural story lines for quite some time. Long Shot pushes those boundaries, but in exactly the right way. It is both endearing and thoroughly enjoyable, something the doubles down any comedy’s likeability. 

There’s an equation behind Long Shot, with an added sense of individuality, that has boosted it into the upper tier of comedy hilarity, It seems to have methodically made every decision a correct one, starting with its wonderful casting. It’s one of the funniest films this year, but still feels like it has lots to say, without pushing it’s thoughts to the point of exhaustion. 


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