Triple Frontier becomes a breathtaking adventure with tension always bubbling under its surface

Offering a cast of actors rarely used in action films, Triple Frontier tries to expel tropes, replacing them with a more progressive and morally strong story. Taking the beauty of the South American jungle as a backdrop to a heist of unique measures, the film shows how deep greed can run, and how terrible the consequences can become.

“Pope” (Oscar Isaac) finally has the whereabouts of the drug lord Lorea spilled to him through an informant. Returning to America, he looks to enlist some of his oldest friends, and fellow war heroes, looking to return to the Argentina/Paraguay/Brazil border where Lorea stashes his untold drug wealth. However, when greed falls upon the men during their heist, their journey home becomes far more difficult than the one to get out to the South American jungle.


Casually enticing, Director J. C. Chandor clearly tries to draw in the excitement over an extended period, working hard to build Oscar Isaac’s “Pope” and Ben Affleck’s “Redfly” into the character’s they need to be by Triple Frontier’s climax. This leaves the film weighing heavily on their shoulders, but both are equal to holding up a movie of this size alone, working well as a tandem. 

It’s clear that Triple Frontier wants to bring action back to its roots, setting up a story, linearly moving towards its goal. This allows for some excellent foreshadowing and clear story building, something modern actions have a habit of forgetting about. Pair this with the sheer beauty of the South American jungle, and Triple Frontier becomes a breathtaking adventure with tension always bubbling under its surface.

Expansive and advancing, Triple Frontier is everything action films should aspire to be, using modern technology to enhance the feature, rather than purely cut corners. Well acted, and methodically plotted, it’s one of 2019’s best hard-hitters, though admittedly that isn’t tough in a world dominated by films akin to The Fast And The Furious.


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