The Informer falls in the same trap as so many crime dramas before it

Struggling through another two hours of a cop under-cover thriller where no one inside the film, or observing, entirely understands where the plot is going, or what it’s trying to say, is probably not what the filmmakers were attempting to do – but that is what they’ve done, and there is genuinely no denying it. The Informer is everything it looks like it is, and less.

Attempting to infiltrate a drug operation in New York, Pete Koslow (Joel Kinnaman) goes caught up in a dangerous FBI operation, leaving jobs and lives on the line at every corner.

The Informer 2

With too much emphasis on bland action and the ‘excitement’ of drug related activities, The Informer falls in the same trap as so many crime dramas before it. It stops being about the people involved, letting the ‘excitement’ of crime do all the talking.

When left alone, no topic is exciting in this manner. The way these incidents and issues affect those vitally important character’s lives is actually what matters. And The Informer misses that as a concept entirely,leaving behind a lacklustre and uninspiring drama of deceit and power struggles.

Too rarely does it excite, and never does it throw a spanner in the works, falling well below the standard a film of this stature should be able to reach.


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