The Dirt is very much a film in list form, offering ‘The Top 10 wildest things Mötley Crüe did while touring.’

However lighthearted or wild the themes of a film happen to be, the feature still needs to take itself seriously to become a successful piece. The Dirt, a retelling of the lives of Mötley Crüe’s four band members as they traverse the world displaying their truly feral attitudes to life, doesn’t take itself seriously, or at least not seriously enough, and that becomes a real detriment to the film’s impact, and its quality levels.

After searching for the perfect band members, Nikki Sixx (Douglas Booth) and his new brothers form Mötley Crüe, a heavy metal band that want to prove they can become the wildest personalities in music, stopping for nothing in their quest to make great music and party hardest.

The Dirt

Far too caught up in certain events the members of Mötley Crüe went through, The Dirt is purely a piece trapped in nostalgia. It doesn’t express who they were as men, rather just what a tabloid newspaper would want to know about them. The Dirt is very much a film in list form, offering ‘The Top 10 wildest things Mötley Crüe did while touring.’ It doesn’t make for a great watch because that’s what documentaries are for, not fictional recreations.

The content that The Dirt tries to pass off as drama simply isn’t good enough, and it leaves the piece dragging its heels in terms of emotions and personality. These are men who went too hard, taking their minds and bodies to places humans shouldn’t reach, and all The Dirt actually does is paint that as something to aspire too. The film is lacking the consequences of a mad life, and that should have been a priority to showcase.

Some of the stadium show scenes are excellent, and the costume and make up recreation is very impressive, but these should be add-ons to a moving piece explaining who Mötley Crüe were deep down. Instead they are the highlights, and that’s a real shame coming from a film that genuinely had so much content to work with.


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