It’s far from a great picture, but it’s importance is second to none

Now is the time to make a feature. With film’s raking in billions of dollars across the globe in pure ticket sales, there is more money in cinema than there has ever been before. But this means it’s easier to get a message out than ever before, inside these widespread productions. So when these stories have key factors and imagery so vital for the population, they need to be treated with respect. And however impressive the final quality of Blue Story is, it’s message is vitally important.

Best friends since a young age, Marco (Michael Ward) and Timmy (Stephan Odubola) grow up on different side of gang boundary lines; a friendship seen by some as dangerous and wrong. With pressure from his older brother, Marco begins to integrate more with the gang violence, opposite to Timmy, as he falls in love with school friend Leah (Karla-Simone Spence).

Blue Story 2

Writer/director Rapman, after growing up in similar circumstances, has a clear and purposeful message to pass on with Blue Story. Painting a picture of how dire the streets of London specifically can be, his understanding of why knife crime is is on such a rise in modern Britain is as plain as day, giving Blue Story a disturbingly real edge.

The drama itself does pose a certain sense of exaggeration about it, perhaps for increased affect at its points of climax, but really that adds little to both its quality, and its ability to convey its message. There’s a need for tighter editing and scripting to really pass off Blue Story’s true thoughts.

Yet, this is an issue so few are bringing up in the way it needs to be, especially in such a popular media format. And Rapman’s attempts to show how problematic the issues are, is both admirable and fascinating. It’s far from a great picture, but it’s importance is second to none.


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